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For your complete developer system needs.

Some of the best staining and tanning developers formulated plus new Alkali-Fix, and new Alkali-Stop.

Some film photographers don't want to make their own developers, fix, or stop and would rather buy pre-made solutions.

I've been supporting the film community for many years, explaining how to make and use developers, stops, and fixes, and I'm very happy indeed that many do. However, I got to thinking, months ago, about expanding my support to those who don't want to make their own solutions so in summer 2022 I found and made contact with Peter Hogan to ask if I could make and provide his range of the Thornton and Hogan staining formulas, developers I know are of commercial quality. These had been lost, for many years from the UK and European markets being only available in the states from the Photographer's Formulary.

I have personally used these commercial developers and can recommend them. In fact, Dixactol Ultra used to be my go to developer before Thornton died in 2003 and for a short time after while it was for sale by Hogan.

So, today on September 16th, 2022 I am launching a shop to sell these particular formulas to those who have used them before and want to use them again, or to those who just don't want to make their own.

I send these developers all over the world.
If you can't order for your country please contact me and I'll work out the price for courier postage for you.

Go to shop.

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New: Added excerpts from my new book on this page.

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John Finch launches fifth-edition book, initiates global camera club

The Art of Black and White Developing is re-written and expanded to encompass popular developers and formulas, eco-developers, and a wealth of experience

FORRES, MORAYSHIRE (SCOTLAND) - 12 April, 2021 - In a global landscape where analog camera clubs are becoming extinct and darkroom photography is a dying art form, film photographer John Finch is releasing a new book with aspirations to reverse these troubling trends.

Author John Finch releases The Art of Black and White Developing: Developing Black & White Film and Paper, his fifth edition, with aspirations to unite photographers around the world through an analog camera club using modern virtual technology. 

“When I learned film development and darkroom techniques, there were so many people around me doing the same thing who could show me how and give me hands-on practical experience. But now we are all alone in the dark turning to the internet for help and getting a dozen different answers,” said Finch, who brings more than 50 years of practical experience in analog photography to this 350-page compendium.  
The fifth edition has over 30 percent more pages than previous editions, and is available for purchase worldwide at (UK) or USA. The book presents practical tips and techniques based on real darkroom experience and photography, and aims to dispel the myths and misinformation so commonly found on the internet today.
“I receive questions daily from aspiring and seasoned photographers alike via email, via my website, and from my YouTube Channel, covering topics from agitation to pyro developers, rapid fixing to two-bath techniques,” said Finch, “My response, just like this book, is not to recite a list of recipes but to impart the essential building blocks of success. These are meant to inspire and equip the photographer with the confidence and discipline to master their own development techniques, ‘teach people to fish.’” 
With the launch of this book, and building upon a rapidly growing following for his new Pictorial Planet YouTube Channel launched in late January 2021, Finch is inviting all who have purchased any of his books to join a virtual Pictorial Planet Camera Club, run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.
“I try to respond to every single one of these questions and I want all of my readers to benefit from these knowledge exchanges and the practical experiences of others,” said Finch. “That’s why I’m excited to launch a private global camera club specifically for buyers of my books - for those who want to take their work to the next level.”
This camera club will take the shape of a closed facebook group where readers can interact with the author and other like-minded analog photography enthusiasts. 

“I’ve wanted to form a community of curious and enthusiastic film photographers for years, who can use my book as the baseline and launchpad for their unique artistic experience and vision,” said Finch. “I always had darkroom and analog clubs around me as I learned and grew as a photographer and have missed that sense of community.  I hope that my book and the club will give others that same joyful experience while we strengthen our collective base of knowledge and brighten the future for analog photography.”

About the book and Pictorial Planet:

The Art of Black and White Developing is a spiral-bound, A5, high-quality paperback of 350 pages, available for purchase on Request to join the club on Facebook at Pictorial Planet Camera Club. You can also reach John at and

Testimonials from readers and viewers: 

“An outstanding integration of wisdom, wit, and practical information. A must read.”

“An amazing book that has become my bible for B&W photography and developing. Anyone who loves B&W film photography must read with no doubt.”

“What I like most is that it [Pictorial Planet YouTube Channel] is practical, gimmick-free and succinct. It reminds me of when I first started photography in the 70s and the biggest source of information was usually some of the members at the local club who freely gave of their time and experience to help a newcomer to the hobby.”

“Thank you John Finch for providing a rich source of easy to understand and truly useful information for both the budding film photographer and more experienced hands.”

“Thank you very much for your hard work on your YouTube channel and your website. I just can’t get enough of them!”

About the author:

John Finch has been practicing analog photography and developing for more than 50 years. He published his first edition of The Art of Black and White Developing in 2005, whilst maintaining a full-time career as an instructional designer in various corporations in America. He retired from his corporate career in 2018, relocated back to Scotland with his wife Lisa and dog Pippin, and carved enough time to properly practice his photography passion in earnest and re-write the fifth edition of his book. Now, with adequate time to pursue his photography dreams, he is incredibly excited to be unifying a virtual “pictorial planet’ around this dying art form from his self-built darkroom in the garden of his homestead in Forres, Morayshire. When he isn’t answering photography questions, he can be found with a film camera in hand on the Scottish moors in the pouring rain waiting for the clouds to pass. 

Photography Formulary products are being imported into UK!

PMK, Pyrocat-HD developers
TF 4 alkaline fix, TF 5 Rapid fix!
Available in UK and Europe from
Still Photographic UK.

Please note: I am not affiliated with Still Photographic.

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