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5 no, 7 Tips to using Fixer with Film

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7 Tips for Using Fixers with Film

Fixing? Surely there's nothing to it right? I mean, you just dump the film or paper into the fixer after stop bath, swish it around for a couple of minutes and wash right? Well my friend, you couldn't be more wrong.

Tip 1: Although you can use the same fixer formulas for both film and paper, their working strengths are usually very different. Read the dilution instructions carefully.

Tip 2: Never use a fixer that has processed film for subsequent paper processing. The silver by-products from fixing film will adversely effect your paper.

Tip 3: Don't use the older Sodium Thiosulphate fixers with modern T-grain films (like Kodak T-Max and Ilford Delta, and Fuji Acros) because it does not fully fix the emulsion.

Tip 4: Use neutral or alkaline fixers with Pyro or Pyrocatechin developers to get maximum stain.

Tip 5: Use alkaline fixers with paper to increase the effectiveness of the wash and maximize archival quality. Ok, I said tips for film but I had to throw this one in ;-)

Tip 6: After adding the fix to the developing tank agitate for 30 seconds, then open the tank and look at the film. Check the film for milkiness.

Tip 7: With the tank open keep dunking the film watching for the milkiness to disappear. Then fix for the same time again.

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