Developers for film and paper

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Developers for film and paper

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Here are two developers for film and paper - yep they do both. Great for those who want to save time and money having just one dev. Why have two developers when only one will do :) Enjoy!!

General Purpose (PQ*) Developers for film and paper.
                                                             Ilford PQU              FX-12
          Water                                             600ml                  600ml
          Sodium Sulfite (anhyd**)               50.0g                60.0g
          Sodium Carbonate (anhyd)           60.0g                   60.0g
          Hydroquinone*                              12.0g                   10.0g
          Chloroquinol                                      -                      6.0g
          Phenidone*                                    0.5g                     0.5g
          Potassium Bromide                       2.0g                    1.5g
          Benzotriazole (1% solution***)      20ml                    35ml
          Water              to make                 1 liter                   1 liter

                                                             Ilford PQU              FX-12
          Dilution for film                             1+19                      1+7
          Dilution for paper                          1+9                       1+3

*Note the absence of Metol in these formulas. Those with an allergy to  Metol will be happy. PQ means Phenidone/Hydroquinone.

**Anhyd mean anhydrous. You will see this abbreviation in many formulas. Other common abbreviations are Mono for monohydrate and Crystal for the crystalline variant. They are NOT usually directly interchangeable - use the correct type.

*** To make a 1% solutions add one gram to 99ml water

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