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Rodinal just celebrated its 127th birthday (as of this writing in 2018) and is the longest continually produced commercial developer in the world. 

P-Aminophenol (Rodinal like) Film Developer

Rather ‘honest’ with the grain, Rodinal's grain structure is more pronounced than other fine grain developers and very unique, producing beautiful photographs with great sharpness and fine detail. If you can get over the more obvious grain pattern then this developer will create outstanding photographs with gorgeous, long creamy gradation, very clear shadow detail and, with its propensity for a strong compensating effect at the higher dilutions, smooth fine detailed highlights. It really is a great all rounder and, as I’ll show you soon, will develop pretty much any film with ‘stand’ development.

Rodinal is very economical, being diluted 1:25, 1:50, 1:100 and even up to 1:200 for some uses like stand development. In the higher dilutions it has very strong compensating effects, and at all dilutions shows very good acutance. 
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Gorgeous tones.
News stand, Lauderdale by the Sea
Rodinal 1:50 with Borax. 14mins @ 20c
Ilford FP4+

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Straw Bales, Forres, Scotland
AGFA Rodinal and Rodinal like developers can even process high contrast films like Kodak Technical
Pan. Here, the inherent contrast of Technical Pan has been tamed
by AGFA Rodinal developer at 1:200 for 12 minutes. Agitation was once
every thirty seconds at 20C.


This versatile developer can be used in a variety of ways and adapts to very slow, fine grain films or to fast ISO 400 films. Agitation is normally 10 seconds per minute.

Here's some times for starting points:

Kodak Technical Pan 25ISO - Dilute 1:200 and develop for 10-12 minutes - with this film agitate for 10 seconds every 30 seconds.

Slow Films ISO 50 - Dilute 1:50 and develop for 10-12 minutes.

Medium speed Films ISO 125
Low Contrast Scenes (developer increases contrast) - 1:75 12-15 mins
Medium Contrast Scenes - 1:100 12-15 mins
High Contrast Scenes (developer lowers contrast) 1:100 8-12 mins

Fast Films ISO 400
Low Contrast Scenes (developer increases contrast) 1:50 12-15 mins
Medium Contrast 1:75 12 mins
High Contrast Scenes (developer lowers contrast) 1:100 12-15 mins

All these times are for 20C/68F

For Stand Development dilute 1:100 and develop for a total time of up to one hour (30 minutes for 25-50ISO film, 1 hour for 400ISO). Much more information on stand development with this and other developers in The Art of Black and White Developing.

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