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Beginners start here…

Read the first chapter of my book and follow the instructions and advice carefully. I explain not only how to develop your film, but why you have to do it a certain way. That way you'll improve in every area and gain a lot of confidence.

Some of you reading this site will be beginners and need some help in getting started. One of your first questions will be “How do I actually develop this film? What are the best ways to do this?”. So, I decided to take you through the whole process in the first chapter of my new book The Art of Black and White Developing.

I show exactly: 
    - How you can get the very best from your films and developers?
    - How to process a film from beginning to end?
    - How to wash the film and then make it archival?
    And tons more...

I don't show you the boring way that other books do! Instead I show you the way I learned, through understanding exactly why you are doing what I ask you to do. 

This way is the only way to learn the very best techniques and obtain the ultimate workflow. You will truly understand what's going on. You will be in control and you will be able to make the right decisions.

But there's more. I show you the real tricks and tips that will save you from so many mistakes. Those silly mistakes that ruin your photos and make you wonder why you started in the first place. Remember, you cannot take those photographs again!

For those of you in college or school and taking a photography class this book will make a huge difference to the way you learn the art and the results you will achieve. 

I want you to be a great photographer. I want you to develop your own films. I want you to carry on this wonderful art and understand the techniques that make your pictures stand head and shoulders above the rest.

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