The Art of Black and White Developing

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From the author of "The Art of Black and White Developing"

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There's so many books on photography but so few about darkroom development. I've written this book to help you through the development of your black and white films and papers. Here's what people are saying about this book on Amazon:
"If you are new (or newish) to developing B&W film and eager to know more, this book is a great intro to the current field." Roscoe T.

"I have couple of books on this subject including "The Film Developing Cookbook (Darkroom Cookbook, Vol. 2) by Steve Anchell, Bill Troop". The Film Developing Cookbook (Darkroom Cookbook, Vol. 2) To me i think John Finch really pulled experience and real information into this small and concise book." Sunil K.

"It's one of my favorite B&W photography books, hands down." John P

"Great book on the Black and white process" F Master

"An amazing book that has become my bible for B&W photography and developing. Anyone love B&W film photography must read with no doubt." Sunny P

"The Art of Black and White Developing"
is now available worldwide.

The latest Third edition is available from Amazon or Lulu. If you develop your own black and white film or paper (or want to) don't hesitate, buy this book!

ISBN: 978-0-557-07409-9

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Signed soft back copies are available direct from me for £22 plus postage. Just drop me a line at with your name and address and I'll let you know the total cost (inc. postage).

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