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This is a unique form of development that can give superb results!

Many developers can be used for this type of non-agitation film processing but at the top of the list, for me anyway, is Rodinal, Pyrocat-HD and 510-Pyro. These developers can be extremely dilute yet still fully process a film within a few hours.

A pleasant side effect of this kind of development is the marvellous and quite powerful compensating effects, making highlights that would normally have burnt out quite printable. Also, the edge effects and acutance are often nicely enhanced.

If I plan on stand development, I usually shoot the film at half its rated ISO. This will ensure good shadow detail. I then place the film in the developing tank and pour in the very dilute developer:
• Rodinal 1:200
• Pyrocat-HD 2:2:500
• 510-Pyro 1+500.

Rodinal, agitate well for the first minute to soak the emulsion in developer, and leave to sit in a water bath at 20C for 1 to 2 hours (experiment to find your time with your film). After this time with no agitation, I process the film through a water stop and fix as usual.
Pyrocat-HD and 510-Pyro I agitate for the first minute and subsequently 10 seconds every 10 minutes for a total of 45 minutes at 20 deg. C. This is about right for FP4+ and Tri-X. I use 30-35minutes at 20c with PanF+.

You can also use 510-Pyro at a 1:300 dilution ratio and
develop for 20 mins at 24c.
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