Errata/Book amendments

Pictorial Planet


The Art of Black and White Developing - 5th Edition

  1. Page 205 - FX-55 Mod - Gainer’s Part B formula.

    Correct amount of TEA should read 30g. I improved the formula so there's no need for an extension in development time.
  2. Page 312 - Acid Fix for Film and Paper formula - Sodium thiosulphate (anhyd) should read 160g
  3. Page 314 - Bill Troops Alkaline Fixer (TF-2) - Sodium Thiosulphate (anhyd) should read 165g. This is because to convert sodium thiosulphate pentahydrate (crystals) to anhydrous you multiply by 0.66. Although both formulas will have worked fine they will now have more capacity in number of films or papers before exhaustion.

Phenidone: I have found that some phenidone might lose some activity if over heated. To maintain activity I now advise keeping the temperature of mixing solutions to 50C or under. If the developer need a higher temperature to dissolve other chemicals (for instance ascorbic acid might need higher if a little old) then dissolve those first, then let the mix cool to 50C or under, then add your phenidone and dissolve.