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Beutler Formula


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Willi Beutler's formula

Concentrate A
Water                 400ml
Metol                   5g
Sodium sulphite    25g
Water to make     500ml

Concentrate B
Water                                   400ml
Sodium carbonate (Anhd)*  25g
Water to make 500ml

*Concentrate B can also be made using 50g Kodalk made up to 500ml with water but there will be slightly less acutance.

• Make a working solution using 10:10:80
• Example to make 500ml of developer add 50ml A + 50ml B to 400ml water.

Developing times for Beutler:

ISO 25-50 films process for 5-10 minutes
ISO 64-125 films process for 7-10 minutes
ISO 400 films process for 9-12 minutes

• All at 20 degrees centigrade
• Agitation 10 seconds every minute

This is a developer to always have at hand as it does well with so many films. This is a very sharp, high acutance developer with compensating effects.

I've used this developer as a two bath to calm high contrast scenes. With FP4+ give the film 8 minutes in solution A followed by 4 minutes in solution B with no wash between. Solutions A and B can be reused for around 10 films.