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Thanks for visiting my website. I've been a photographer for nearly 50 years and started work in the darkroom when I was just eight years of age. My father taught me then how to make my own developers, stops, and fixers and I've been doing so ever since.

I've always enjoyed sharing with other photographers and so I published my first book (the first edition of The Art of Black and White Developing) back in 2005. This site is to share both excepts from the book and other interesting photographic stories. I hope we can share the journey together, the trials and tribulations, and the magic as the prints form before us.

My book is now in its third edition and available to buy below but please, enjoy the site. It's not about selling books but more about sharing the joy of wet photography


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My book "The Art of Black and White Developing" is now available worldwide.

Kindle version - Print Version

Now available as soft cover book worldwide or on Kindle.
The latest Third edition available from Lulu and Amazon or order at your local bookstore. If you develop your own black and white film or want to develop your own film then don't hesitate, buy this book!

ISBN: 978-0-557-07409-9

You don't need a kindle to read it Amazon provides software for your computer to read Kindle books for free... Click here to find out how.