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FX-15 Crawley’s Acutance D-76


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FX15 should probably be thought of as a better D-76 packing an acutance punch that creates lovely rich 3D photographs. It has similar grain qualities to D76 but is much sharper and, in my opinion, has that Crawley tonal range you only get from a very well balanced developer. It can be used as stock or diluted up to 1+3 (which, by the way, is the recommended dilution for T-grain films such as Delta).

FX15 offers enhanced acutance but, unlike many other acutance developers, does not compress the mid tones (an unfortunate effect of Buetler, FX1 and FX2). Instead, FX15 gives a full range of tones from rich detailed shadows through delicate highlights and everything in between. All this is achieved while exhibiting fine sharp grain and gorgeous edge effects and Mackie lines. This is far from the mushier grain of other fine-grain developers like D-76 and D-23. The FX15 formula should last 6 months or more in a tightly stoppered bottle.

FX15 used full strength is appropriate for a softer portraiture images of full delicate mid tones but diluted from 1+1 up to 1+3 it works well for landscape work where shadows and highlights need a nice contrast. Of course, FX15, well diluted, will also offer an element of compensation in the highlights to subdue those skies and keep them in a printable range. Remember, 1+3 is also the recommended dilution for T-Max and Delta films.

For developing times, start about halfway between D-76 and Microphen for your film of choice.

FX-15 Stock

Warm water 700 ml
Metol 3.5g
Sodium sulphite Anhyd. 100g
Hydroquinone 2.25g
Phenidone 0.1g
Sodium bisulphite 0.5g
Borax 2.5g
Sodium carbonate Anhyd. 1g
Potassium bromide 1.5g
Water to make 1 ltr

Development times

Stock solution - Developing times start about halfway between D-76 and Microphen for your film of choice.

PAN F + 5:30
FP4+ 6:30
HP5+ 9
Delta 100 8
Delta 400 9
Delta 3200 10
SFX 10
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