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FX-15 Crawley Developer and D-76 killer

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Geoffrey Crawley is revered in the UK as one of our great photographic chemists. His formulas have been used for decades and are some of the most well researched, most up-to-date and best balanced formulas available today. He was the formula designer of well over a dozen excellent developers, many of which are still used regularly, all over the world. His formulas include the famous and ultra sharp FX-1 and FX-2 acutance developers, and the superb FX-37 and FX-39 tabular grain (T-grain) formulas. FX-39 is still sold by Paterson and is their flagship formula for all films. 
Crawley also formulated a great two part Vitamin C developer FX-50 (see also FX-55). It was designed for Paterson and therefore (unfortunately) is proprietary like FX-39. At the moment it is not being sold by Paterson. Hopefully, now that Paterson is back in the black and white chemical business, it will re-appear on their sales sheet (update - looks like FX-55 is our answer).
FX-15 was also known as Acutol-S and was a popular developer sold by Paterson. When Paterson chose to stop production photographers demanded that they keep using their favourite brew, and so the formula was released to the public domain. Frankly, you’ll soon see the reason why. Check it out in my book.

Here’s the formula:

Water                                 600ml
Metol                                  3.5g
Sodium Sulfite Anhyd         100g
Phenidone                          0.1g
Hydroquinone                     2.25g
Sodium Bisulfite                  0.5g
Borax                                  2.5g
Sodium Carbonate Anhyd  1g
Potassium Bromide             1.5g
Water to make                    1000ml

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