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Photography is about light...


Photography is all about the light. Not just any light mind.

If you've walked with me and my camera you'll often hear me remark "Never take pictures between 10 and 2 because the sun has climbed too high and the light become too flat".

At these unfortunate times, shadows become bland and people's eyes show those dark circles. If you have to photograph between these hours then use Black and White. It's the more forgiving of timing errors.

So when is the best time to photograph?

The Lochan picture above was made at around 5pm in eastern Scotland during a warm October. A storm had recently passed (always a good time for making photographs) and the sun, low on the horizon, was shining through the dark clouds. I was walking across the Dava Moor at the time, near Forres, Morayshire, watching the light changing from the dark blues of the storm to the warm oranges and reds of the setting sun. Around that time of day the light is rich and saturated with color as the sun dips low. That rich light, mixed with the spectacular autumn foliage, made for some dramatic colors to capture.

There's a certain peacefulness in this image. An enchantment that captures the imagination, reminding us of those sweet smelling autumns gone by.

Enjoy the moment my friends.

Photography is like fishing...


I remember trying to fish when I was a kid. I sat at the edge of the lake in Roundhay Park, little fishing rod in hand, watching the float bobbing up and down on the water. I seem to remember that I sat there for hours, patiently changing my bait when I thought it must have lost its "attraction", and waiting for that bite, that tug, that fish I'd one day catch. But it never happened. I never caught a thing on that lake!

I learned a lot that I still use today in my photography.

To catch the shot you have to be patient. You have to wait, and wait sometimes for a long time. And sometimes, if the gods of light are not playing that day, you might never get the shot. But other times, just now and again, you'll catch it.