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WD2D Developer

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John Wimberley's WD2D is a pyro developer similar to and created earlier than PMK. It has a familiar 1:10 Metol to Pyro ratio but uses a carbonate accelerator. Carbonate accelerators usually create a larger grain pattern than (PMK’s) metaborate although this larger grain is mitigated somewhat by pyro's stain. You will also find that developing times are slightly quicker with WD2D than PMK.

WD2D Developer

  • Stock Solution A
  • Distilled water (24C) 400ml
  • Metol 1.5g
  • Sodium Bisulfite (anhyd) 5.0g
  • Pyrogallol 15g
  • Distilled water to make 500ml

  • Stock Solution B
  • Distilled water 400ml
  • Sodium Carbonate, monohydrate 22.0g
  • Distilled water to make 500ml

To make solution A:
  1. Start with 400ml of the distilled water
  2. Add a pinch of the measured Bisulfite and dissolve
  3. Fully dissolve the Metol
  4. Continue with the rest of the Bisulfite
  5. Dissolve the remaining chemicals in the order given
  6. Make up to 500ml with distilled water
  7. If fogging is a problem reduce the carbonate to 20g and add 2ml of 1% benzotriazole solution to solution B

To use add 20ml A and 20ml B to 400ml distilled water (20:20:400). Adjust contrast by varying the amount of solution B. 22ml B gives higher contrast, 18ml B decreases contrast. *A rather clever and simple technique! The amount of solution A will always remain the same as does the distilled water (400ml).

Develop for 8 minutes on a test film at 20C and make adjustments.

WD2D has a yellow stain. This prints differently on VC papers that PMKs greener stain. It's worth trying this developer and seeing if you prefer the prints to PMK.

* Use a syringe for accurate measurements

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